How it works?

It is lightning fast with a choice of 6Mb, 8Mb and 10Mb services and uploads speeds from 1Mb to 4Mb depending on package. Even at peak times, your connection won’t slow down when you really want to use it. It’s a far cry from the issues you may have experienced with ADSL or 3G mobile broadband.

In the March 2011 Ofcom report on Broadband speeds, the average speeds received by customers paying for an “up to” 20 or 24 Mbps ADSL service was just 7.2Mbps. This means that with our new Tooway 6 service, you will receive better speeds that many ADSL customers paying for a 20Mbps or even 24Mbps service.
We install a satellite dish outside (No mess, no fuss)
We connect a modem (adding a wireless router at the same time if you wish, allowing you to enjoy your broadband throughout your home.
We plug in your computer, making sure you’re happy with the system
You’re online – fast!

Our installers are consummate professionals. Everything’s complete inside a couple of hours with minimal disruption and no mess.

Your engineer will provide a full demonstration of your new equipment and won’t leave until you’re completely satisfied.
An alternative option lets you (or your chosen installer) set up the system yourself.

Our home installation kit contains all the materials that you need to get your hardware connected plus an instruction DVD.

Typical User Profiles

Because your needs are unique, ToowayTM doesn’t just come as a ‘one-size-fits-all’ Internet broadband service. We believe in choice and in providing you with a tailored, appropriately priced solution for your broadband Internet access.

The ToowayTM service is available in four convenient packages according to how much data you need to download. ToowayTM services provide you up to 10 Mbps download and 4Mbps upload speeds. a cinci pachete convenabile functie de cantitatea de informatie de descarcare de care aveti nevoie.Serviciul Tooway pune la dispozitie viteze de pana la 10Mbps la descarcare si 4Mbps la urcare.

Light usage

You need the Internet connection for your home, for web browsing, keeping in touch with your friends and family and sending lots of emails.

Estimated monthly volume is up to 4GB, enough for :

180 hours browsing
20 clips
60 tracks
60 photos
250 documents
1 movie download
2500 emails

Frequent usage

You need the Internet for your home, to surf, send email, play videos on YouTube and exchange photos and documents.

Estimated monthly volume is 8GB, enough for :

300 hours browsing
25 clips
100 tracks
150 photos
500 documents
4 movies download
5000 emails

Heavy usage

You are a professional that needs good connectivity for your work, exchanging documents and emails with other professionals, or you need a high-powered network for your home.

Estimated monthly volume is 13GB, enough for :

540 hours browsing
40 clips
120 tracks
250 photos
800 documents
6 movies download
8000 emails

Very heavy usage

You need a powerful network to connect 2-3 computers for professional use, and need good connectivity for lots of large emails .

Estimated monthly volume is 25GB, enough for :

720 hours browsing
100 clips
150 tracks
400 photos
1000 documents
15 movies
10000 emails